Best Induction Cooktops for 2016

Induction Cooktops are one of the marvels of modern technology, able to heat food without an open flame or risk of fire or burns like regular stove tops.  2016 will feature some of the most affordable and best quality cooktops available yet.  We’ve taken time to put together out list of the best induction cooktops of 2016, so see for yourself!

Touch and Knob mixed smart induction stove

touch and knob mixed smart induction stove
Ivation 1800 is a truly excellent machine, especially for under 60 bucks.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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Description: This bad boy from Ivation is as slick as they come.  With a easy clean glass top and push button controls, it makes maintenance and cleaning an easy task.  The 1800 Watt power grade is as powerful as you need for even industrial strength applications.

Wide enough for large pots and pans, you can do any amount of home cooking you want with this one.  It makes a great addition to your home kitchen, a guest house or to take away on long trips/camping trips.

The users seems to agree with our assessment, as it’s gotten a solid 4/5 stars from over 220 reviewers!  At under 60 bucks for the unit, it’s a no brainer.

 DUXTOP 9100MC – 1800 Watt Induction Countertop Burner

Duxtop Induction Cooktop
Duxtop Induction Cooktop sports over 500 customer reviews and averages 4.5 stars!

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars from over 500 reviews

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The Duxtop 9100MC might be the best homestyle induction cooktop we have on our list.  If we took the customer

reviews as our only indication, it might very well be.  To average over 4.5 stars with over 500 reviews is really quite an accomplishment.  However, we don’t just go by user reviews, so we have our own opinion.  Nonetheless, it’s still a great unit!

At a Maximum of 1800 Watts this unit actually offers 5 distinct power levels (going as low as 200 Watts) which is good if you are cost conscious when it comes to your energy bill.  Similarly it has temperature ranges (15 of them) from a balmy 140 degrees all the way up to a scorching 460 degrees (which accounts for all types of cooking needs).

It’s slightly more expensive than our other units, coming in at just under 70 bucks, be we think it’s worth it.  Comes with a 1 year warranty and is made to last.

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Gourmia Portable Induction Cooker w/ Multifunction and SmartSense Auto Detection, 1800 WattGourmia 1800 Watt Induction Cooker

Rating 5/5 Stars!

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This cost-effective model is an excellent fit for most all applications.  Featuring 8 temperature settings, from 140 to 460 degrees, it can be used for any stovetop cooking applications, including boiling, deep-frying, stir-fry/wok, and much more.

Use the clock timer for up to 3 hours (180 minutes) and rest easy with the auto-shutoff function.  This model is also very energy efficient as it uses up to 90% less energy than electric stoves or gas grills.

Also easier to clean than a traditional stovetop due to the fact that it remains cool to the touch at all time.  Spills and splashes won’t burn and stick to the surface, making cleanup a breeze compared to your traditional stove/oven combo.

Overall a great deal at under 50 bucks.  Picks yours up today!

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Nuwave Precision Induction Cooker

Nuwave Precision Cooktop sports precise temperature ranges up to 575 degrees!
Nuwave Precision Cooktop sports precise temperature ranges up to 575 degrees!

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars from over 340 reviews!

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This is one high and low energy consumption cooker.  It sports the ability to boil water in 90 seconds , is the only cooker with precision temp. controls up to 575 degrees! (Most models max out as 460 degrees), and reportedly saves up to 70% of energy compared to traditional electric stoves.

This Precision Nuwave model is a little bit more expensive than some of our models but it has the extra features that make up for it.  It reportedly heats up twice as fast as most other induction cookers and allows much more precise control over temperature ranges (hence the name!)  Going all the way of to 575 degrees allows for super high temperature applications like searing foods or fast boiling.

All in all the customer review speak for this one, averaging over 4.5 stars from over 340 reviews, it must be doing something right!

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Inducto Portable Induction Countertop Burner – Professional, A79

Inducto A79 Induction Cooktop
The Inducto A79 Professional Edition

Rating: 4/5 Stars from 46 Reviewers.

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This 1500 watt unit is perfect for the casual induction cooker.  With temp. ranges from 176 to 518 degrees, it can go upwards of 1500 Watts to put a good sear on food.  A 4-hour timer allows for slow cooking (like a crock pot) without the anxiety of having to check in every few minutes.

It has 7 different cooking models and a touch sensitive control and display, and it easy to clean and maintain.  It remains cool to the touch so that stains and spills won’t stick and become hard to remove.

The price is extremely competitive at under 50 bucks and would make a great addition to anybody’s cooking arsenal.  Make sure to use induction compatible cookware in order to take advantage of this great technology.

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How do Induction Cooktops Work?

Cooking is one of the oldest of technologies and for an obvious reason humans would never have survived without perfecting the art of feeding themselves. The basic idea of cookery is heating food in order to kill bacteria as well as to make something tasty. It is evident that food plus fire equals to cooked food. Induction cooking has been around for decades, in view of the fact that it is any cooking process, which utilizes the process of induction heat. Induction is a heating process that uses electromagnetic fields to heat the cookware instead of the heating element itself. Ideally, induction cooking is a completely new different method of cooking which is different from all other cooking technologies such as gas and other electrical Cooktops. As a point of fact, induction Cooktops comes in diverse sizes, which include single-burner, double burner, four burners just to mention but a few. This kind offers the best cooking experience and above all saves a lot of time. Unlike the conventional style of cooking, induction cooking does not produce flame while cooking.

Induction heating is the progression of heating an electrically conducting metal object by an electromagnetic induction. Induction Cooktops are also more efficient because the heat that is generated inside the base of the pan uses less electricity as compared to conventional electric Cooktops. In essence, they are easy to clean in view of the fact that the flat glass surface has no gaps that collect spilled food as well the food does not get burned onto the surface. Induction Cooktops are quicker to control and they are more precise. Given that, cooking is the application of heat to food, induction Cooktops play a vital role more especially when responding to temperature adjustments. However, cooking has therefore consisted in generating considerable heat in a way that makes it easy to transfer most of that heat to an expediently placed cooking vessel.

In an induction heater, the cooking vessel itself is a part of the heat generating device. Heat is transferred to cooking vessels through physical contact whereby a considerable amount of heat energy is lost. As a point of fact, induction Cooktops make use of the heating effect of electric machines. Induction Cooktops comprises the following parts.

  • Ceramic Cooktops
  • Control and timer circuits
  • Power supply circuits
  • High frequency oscillator
  • Specially premeditated induction coil to generate an electromagnetic field


An induction Cooktop have a high-frequency electromagnetic coil that produces a strong heat frequency electromagnetic field. In reality, this coil is powered by a high-frequency oscillator. This coil is just placed beneath the cooking vessel to generate heat with the metal due to Eddy current as well as Magnetic Hysteresis. Eddy current is a current that flows back and forth as the magnetic field alternates.

There are three types of Cooktops available in the market, which include Gas, Electric as well as Induction. Gas Cooktops has a burner on top as well uses gas to burn a flame that is used to cook food. Consequently, electric Cooktops has a coil that in most instances heats up due to confrontation when current passes through it. It uses electricity in order to generate heat and cook food. Unlike other cooking methods, induction Cooktops uses electricity based on the magnetic property of steel that directly heat the cooking vessel. This type is considered as the most efficient that reduces the possibility of injuries while cooking.

The pros and cons of Induction Cooktops include the following.


  • Induction Cooktops heat faster and distribute heat more evenly.
  • They are completely safe as they heat only when a steel or iron element comes in contact.
  • They are easier to clean.
  • Efficient in terms of energy use.
  • Come with programmable temperature controls.
  • No heat wasted as it cools quickly as one shuts it down.


  • Can only be used with steel or iron utensils. Thus, the kitchen has to be accustomed accordingly.
  • They are normally more expensive than regular Cooktops.
  • Can be used only with flat surface utensils.
  • Inadequate power supply can stop cooking.
  • Will not work at all for some Indian food like Chapatti.
  • Some people observe that the heating is localized and mostly happens at the center of the utensil. This makes it important to put the right sized utensil on an induction cook-top and oversized ones should not be used.

Apparently, induction Cooktops work with any cooking metal due to advanced technology. The current technology induction cookers require all the countertop cooking vessels. Since induction Cooktops use electromagnetism, certain materials used which alternates with magnetic field absorbs the energy and heats up the food. Inside the material, electrical energy is converted to heat, which is transferred to the food inside the pan. Essentially, induction Cooktops are a tight spiral of cables usually made of copper. According to Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, Induction Cooktops remains a niche market in view of the fact that this model enabled the current in the pans to flow faster by producing heat that is essential while cooking. Therefore, Induction Cooktops have the following characteristics that are based on the heat of the food.

  • An induction cooker appears much the same as any other ceramic Cooktops, usually with divergent zones whereby pots and pans can be placed.
  • Inside each cooking zone, there is a coil of metal. When you turn on the power, a blinking current flow through the coil and produces an invisible magnetic field above, below, and all around it. Unless there is a pan on the cooking zone, no heat is produced: the cooking zone remains cold.
  • Placing a pan on the cooking zone and the magnetic field produced by the coil penetrates the iron inside it.
  • The magnetic field induces whirling electrical currents inside the pan, turning into a heater.
  • Heat from the pan flows directly into the food or water inside it by conduction.

In conclusion, the relatively high initial purchase cost of an Induction Cooktops is not an issue since efficiency as well as effectiveness is the most essential factor to consider.